Shanty Skow 30’x8′

Shanty Skow 30’x8′

2FDBBB13-FD71-4D41-B8C2-E0498C768F69C232E7C5-1FB8-4553-9470-D3D5DE05DAE61D165877-097E-4488-967E-35450CF69F2B19712FD5-31EB-4E60-84A0-2065E9067C68362AE918-85E0-4786-AA64-52673C33C8E9DC3967F6-06AC-42D0-81F1-EAA9AEA264FCThe Shanty skow is a

trailerable houseboat cruiser amphibious tiny house designed after the Shantycat and a canal boat

Prototype currently being constructed in our shop in Falmouth Maine , production models and plans available soon

ROAM 30 BOWSTERN 1-30-19

ROAM 30 PROFILE 1-30-19

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